Freedom Frag Bottle Breacher



Introducing the Freedom Frag Military Line! We brought out the shades/textures that you would want to see in a frag, with no unicorns, sparkles, or pretty colors. Three great choices of the new FDE (flat dark earth) color and texture, Federal OD Green, and Federal Desert Tan. All three frags are the perfect shade and texture, with a new FDE providing a matte finish that you certainly will want to have in your hand while opening your next bottle. All three allow for custom engraving on the backside of the frag!


Freedom Frag Bottle Breacher Description


Introducing the Freedom Frag Military Line! We brought out the shades/textures that you would want to see in a frag, with no unicorns, sparkles, or pretty colors. Three great choices of the new FDE (flat dark earth) color and texture, Federal OD Green, and Federal Desert Tan. All three frags are the perfect shade and texture, with a new FDE providing a matte finish that you certainly will want to have in your hand while opening your next bottle. All three allow for custom engraving on the backside of the frag!

– Steel Casting with a Sheet Metal Spoon; uniquely different not perfectly symmetrical
– Noticeable imperfections, dents, divots and elevated ridges
– Available in 3 colors: Matte FDE, Federal OD Green, Federal Desert Tan
– Do NOT take this into the airport

– Freedom Frag pricing does not include engraving or a gift box.
– Engraving available for all three!
– Please include your personalization details in the provided engraving box. Engraving includes 2 lines of text up to 25 characters, including spaces, each line. Engrave Wedding Date, Names, Special Dates, or Initials.
For example:
Frag 1 – Line 1: Ben – Groomsman
Frag 1 – Line 2: 10.20.2018
Frag 2 – Line 1: Father of the Bride
– Freedom Frags purchased without a gift box will be individually wrapped in bubble wrap for shipping.

Please reference our shipping time frames & policies for more details.

Bottle Breacher’s are hand crafted .50 Caliber bottle openers made by Military Veterans.

Do NOT take this into any airport or Federal|Government building. Bottle Breacher will not be held liable for any legal action taken against you or replacing your Freedom Frag Bottle Breacher when confiscated.

The Bottle Breacher Freedom Frag is Patent Pending

Additional information

Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in

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  1. Rob (verified owner)

    The Best Breacher
    This thing is awesome. No problems opening any beer bottles. Everyone that sees it loves it. Paint holding up well even after many bottles opened.

  2. Tony Bob (verified owner)

    Great for any collection
    I have all three colors of this breecher. I love the tan colored the best but waiting for the red flag version to come out. They look great sitting next to my 30mm 20mm and 50 cal Breechers.
    Made above standard like all BB are made. Can’t wait to see if they some how do a 105mm round from the old M60 tanks

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Awesome product
    This is a great product. Opens a beer like nothing. Thank you for the great product.

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Amazing product
    It’s great. The paint job is awesome and it openes a bottle like a dream. Thanks for a great product.

  5. Carlos Verde (verified owner)

    They look real. Heavy and very well made. I’ve bought 15 so far for gifts. Pricey but well worth it.

  6. Kevin (verified owner)

    I wasn’t sure what to expect but when I received my Freedom Frag I wasn’t disappointed. Caution! You will drink more beer due to the fact that you just want to use your Freedom Frag!

  7. Jonny Forbes (verified owner)

    Wana taste some freedom !
    If you have ever opened a beer and thought to yourself, “Something just ain’t right” well here’s the answer. Open your next beer with a “Freedom Frag” and get the added taste of whoop-ass ! Not only is it easy and quick to open a beer with one of these bad boys but knowing that its veteran owned and operated makes it all better. From a full time Irish Firefighter/Paramedic and a member of the Reserve Defence Forces I salute the crew at Bottle Breacher and wish them the very best in the future !.

  8. Donita Dalton (verified owner)

    Frag for My Valentine
    I have to say THANK YOU for doing this run and providing the frags again!!! I was able to give my sweetheart such a great gift for Valentines Day! He was so surprised, as I think he thought he was getting another breacher but got the Frag and it made his day! Thank you for all you do!!!

  9. Mike (verified owner)

    I’ve bought 2 bottle breachers. One for me and one for a gift. Nothing says #merica like a freedom frag. It’s a great representation of America and a great addition to my bar ware. Who wouldn’t want to open a beer with a grenade? Have fun, open more beer.

  10. Michael Dufficy (verified owner)

    Great Product
    Great product made in America and by veterans.

  11. Rick Quinby (verified owner)

    Clearly the best bottle opener
    So cool. Been waiting a while for one. Now I finally have it! Great addition to my man-cave.

  12. Jonathan Markey (verified owner)

    Love it
    Fun to use looks great I would buy more

  13. Paddy (verified owner)

    Frag Out!!!!
    When opening a frosty bottle of goodness. Letting your friends know is vital to their safety, or yours depending on the quantity. The Freedom Frag is my opener of choice. FRAG OUT!!!

  14. Doc (verified owner)

    Neat little product
    Great looking, very well made. Had to leave on trip as soon as it arrived so I haven’t had a chance to use it. Should be a hit with the folks I SCUBA dive with as so many, like me, are former military.

  15. Daniel Mullenix II (verified owner)

    Always pleased!!
    Finally got a Freedom Frag and I love it!!! Works perfectly and looks beautiful! All of my Bottle Breacher products are top notch.

  16. Mark (verified owner)

    Freedom Frag
    Great products with a portion of funds going to help the people we owe so much.

  17. (verified owner)

    Great unique item
    I have purchased bottle breachers for myself and as gifts and everyone loves them. This was for me and I absolutely love it.

  18. William Brown (verified owner)

    Awesome Frags!!!
    The quality and craftsmanship of each of the Frags I own is better than I expected. This is by far a great product.

  19. Adrian (verified owner)

    Freedom frag
    This item is awesome for show or to open bottles. highly recommended in love with this thing.

  20. Patrick Colwell (verified owner)

    Frag bottle opener
    The product is awesome

  21. Norman R Swope (verified owner)

    Blast of the Party
    Having lugged these things around for years and not having practical use at home, this thing brings a smile to my face every time. Sharp presentation with wooden box as well.

  22. Dandy Oskey (verified owner)

    Awesome Product!
    Bottle Breacher always delivers beyond expectation! I bought multiple products and have loved all of them. The Freedom Frag is a quality item that I am proud to own.

  23. John Trimble (verified owner)

    Awesome Freedom Frags
    This is great company and products. Always love seeing a Veteran owned business. Will continue to collect items, however my favorite are the Freedom Frags!

  24. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent product!
    I order mine days ago and I totally loved it. I will order more soon for gifts. I like a lot that all these products are made by veterans, thanks for your service and keep doing an excellent job!

  25. Billy (verified owner)

    Gift Ideas
    These products are the real deal. The kind of gift that a Battle Buddy would appreciate.

  26. William Brown (verified owner)

    Awesome product!
    The quality and craftsmanship of the Frags are the best!!!

  27. Steve Keefe (verified owner)

    Great Product & Great Cause
    I bought this because it was a donation to the Navy SEALs. As it turned out it not only is a great bottle opener but a real conversation starter too.
    We only buy beer in bottles now just so we can use it.

    Thanks guys,

  28. Joe (verified owner)

    Nothing beats it
    This is the most bad ass bottle opener you can get. Other companies have frag openers, but theirs do not come close to the quality of the freedom frag

  29. Kay Gaston (verified owner)

    Amazing products
    This company has amazing products and staff!! The products I have purchased are TOP quality….. I have all the freedom frag bottle openers, and will continue to buy.

  30. (verified owner)

    Great conversation Item!
    Purchased the FREEDOM FRAG Bottle Breacher, once more quality product, well done and reminder of former military days, one of a kind for sure

  31. William Brown (verified owner)

    Awesome product!
    Very pleased with the craftsmanship

  32. Tierney Clouse (verified owner)

    Favorite product so far!
    Although we love our bottle breacher I love how this company takes its to the next level and brings you something bigger and better. Got it as a gift for my husband and he LOVES it.

  33. Texan (verified owner)

    The quality is good. Wish they had a coyote brown.

  34. Michial Smith (verified owner)

    It’s Quite Literally Tha BOMB
    I love it… it’s BAD ASS.. great craftsmanship & excellent quality … I bought 2… 1 for me & 1 for a special friend in Indiana… she’ll get hers tomorrow Weds 5-17-17… I can’t wait for her posts bragging about it… I’ve opened every bottle I have come across in the last 3 weeks !!! AWESOME

  35. Nicole (verified owner)

    These little bad boys
    Okay, first of all these items are like hot cakes! I bought 6 and they did not last, I’m already out of them. Considering my husband whom is a LEO, SWAT/ k-9 which was up his alley with these…then word spread like wild fire! All these manly dudes (Husbands military/ LEO friends) wanted one and were actually hurt I was out. Told them where they can get them with the business cards that came with our order.
    I love ours ( yep, Husband kept 3) very much and will have to order more than 6 next round. They are one of the best products I have boughten and one of the most unique.

  36. Brandon (verified owner)

    Amazing quality & the weight is almost identical to a real grenade. Remembering all of my Brothers

  37. Gerry (verified owner)

    Super fun and unique
    I rated the Freedom Frag a 4/5 for one reason only. I’ve seen some made in to pumpkins and I love orange! I’d give these a Hell Yea! Don’t sit on the fence. Order a couple. I did!

  38. Jh (verified owner)

    Great product
    Great product. Very solid and well made

  39. Marco Raposo (verified owner)

    Red Flag Freedom Frag
    Very happy with my order and Look forward to ordering more products in the future.

  40. Ruby King (verified owner)

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!!!!!
    Absolutely love this new Bottle Breacher. Keep on making beautiful American man made products. Love all your work and Thank you for your services and everyone involved with your company.

  41. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Hit of the Party
    Black flag with trident looks fabulous on tan.
    Mechanical advantage for opening bottles is much better with the .50 cal product than with the frag product.
    Well-made durable product.

  42. Anonymous (verified owner)

    My Present to me
    Love it, my friends and I put it to good use every warm or hot weekend.

  43. Bud (verified owner)

    eye catching
    This looks like the real thing, and feels like it too! Great for displaying on the coffee table or mantle next to a couple 50 cal cartridges!

  44. Joe (verified owner)


  45. Jared (verified owner)

    This is well made and it’s the coolest opener I’ve ever seen! Glad to support fellow veterans !

  46. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great product
    Very well made, easy to use, and a great conversation piece. Highly recommend

  47. Larry (verified owner)

    Wow, awesome
    This is the best bottle opener I ever had or used. American made by fellow Veterans. Thanks and keep up the good work. Looking at the 30mm now.

  48. Scott (verified owner)

    Great breacher
    I bought the freedom frag breacher and it is a great conversation starter and bottle breacher

  49. Mike (verified owner)

    It’s been a few years since I last held a grenade in my hand – different all around now, was able to enjoy a cold one without the bang

  50. Jordan Mullen (verified owner)

    First impressions
    Coating/paint seems heavy duty, I was curious how it would hold up to multiple uses and it shows no signs of wear on the major stress areas.
    The frag is heavy duty, I’m guessing it is actually a retired shell?
    The opening design is fantastic and opens all bottles with ease.
    Wood box that it came in did not make the trip and needs some gluing. but it does have a really neat design.

  51. Phil P (verified owner)

    Get one!
    I have purchased my son some very unique bottle openers over the years (guitar from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, a wart hog tooth from a hunt in Namibia and I could go on) with that experience, I have become a connoisseur on the item. This was so cool, I had to buy one for me as well. Great product and keep upstage good work!

  52. Randal (verified owner)

    Great product
    Great product and customer service. I will definitely be making future purchases.

  53. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Grenade – Wow
    The real thing and it works as an opener/

  54. Marco Raposo (verified owner)

    Excellent customer service
    I’ve made several purchases for different items and have been extremely happy with the quality but when I ordered one of the Green/Black Frags I noticed that the Flag section was missing some paint and the finish wasn’t 100% so I contacted customer service and I was quickly given a shipping return label and the staff apologized for the inconvenience. Once I received my new frag I was excited to see that it was flawless and the quality that I’ve known to expect from Bottlebreacher.
    Greatest customer service I’ve ever received!

  55. Felix Perez Jr (verified owner)

    Awesome products from a Vet owned company!
    The freedom frag that I ordered is awesome! Great workmanship and attention to detail. It’s always great when I am able to support a veteran owned business. These will make great Xmas gifts.

  56. (verified owner)

    Better Than I Expected
    This product was better than I expected it to be. My boyfriend is a retired infantry CSM (32 years of service) and he loved this gift. He said it’s the real deal.
    Thank you for making such a unique product.

  57. Austin (verified owner)

    Freedom Frag- Amazing
    This is one awesome bottle opener. I recommend the frags as a gift for anyone!

  58. Jack Stchur (verified owner)

    Solid Bottle Breacher
    The Freedom Frag is very solid. It has a little weight to it. I opened several bottles the weekend after receiving it. It’s a nice addition to the two other Bottle Breachers I already had. Once again, completely satisfied with my purchase!

  59. The Greek (verified owner)

    Nothin Else Like it!
    Hey bros. Always on the lookout for frosty sh*t. Especially ‘round Xmas as I’m always lookin to get something unique for my instructors. Dudes….this fit the bill. Ordered 2 Freedom Frags. Liked them so much…ordered 2 more! Gift boxes and all. Keep innovating and motivating. Thanks for the cool guy gear. Peace

  60. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very unique addition to our collection of adult beverages. Neat centerpiece is eye catching to guests and useful at the same time.

  61. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very cool.

  62. peter b (verified owner)

    Awesome !
    By far the best I’ve seen to date

  63. SQCat (verified owner)

    Heavy Duty
    Gave this as a Christmas gift to my husband and he has shown it off to everyone who has visited our home. It is super heavy duty and feels legit when you’re cracking open a cold one!

  64. Blake (verified owner)

    Freedom from Ordinary
    The Freedom Frag Bottle Breacher is exactly what you’d think – awesome. Feels good in your hand, looks great, beautifully finished, cool to the touch… if it didn’t open bottles of delicious beverage so easily, I’d say it was just an excellent conversation piece – but it’s so much more! We love it!

  65. Lance (verified owner)

    Looks great beside my fire fighter 50 cal bottle opener. My only complaint is the paint on the spoon started chipping off

  66. Stephen Morgan (verified owner)

    Look great
    I have two different type now and like both.

  67. Dale (verified owner)

    Boom…you guys nailed it!!!
    This frag gets everyone’s attention…and does the job quite well.

  68. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great product
    Great quality. Looks exactly as advertised. Looks great on the bar. A good conversation starter.

  69. Joseph Cooper (verified owner)

    Eye catching
    Love this breacher always draws attention. And the weight is realistic

  70. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Love it
    I ordered two, and I am very happy with it. Great conversation piece when you get pulled over. Excellent and unique

  71. ZACHARY Teets (verified owner)

    love it
    love it, it works great and looks cool

  72. Jon (verified owner)

    By far one of the coolest bottle openers ever made. This will definitely serve as a one of a kind conversation piece to say the least.

  73. (verified owner)

    Great idea.
    Great piece for my garage and seems well built. Will be making future purchases.

  74. Sean Powers (verified owner)

    Finally something unique!
    I wanted something different for my bar. Something no one else had, and the bottle breacher more than filled that. The quality is fantastic and delivery was quick. I will be buying more guaranteed as well a few items after seeing high quality and attention to detail.

  75. Dean Hahn (verified owner)

    A grenade masquerading as a bottle opener. F*cking OUTSTANDING! Hooah! Genius! I love it! Purchased 3 extra for my Ranger buddies! Thumbs up to the man who came up with this!

  76. Marc (verified owner)

    What every Grunt needs for their home
    The novelty of alone is great, I wasn’t expecting the true heft of an M67 frag but it is. Great conversation piece, love the disclaimers, really neat item even if you never use it but it actually functions.

  77. Paul (verified owner)

    Bottle breacher review
    I like every aspect of it except that the fuse is not screwed all the way in but still secure. I’m a little afraid that it may eventually come loose since it’s not all the way in. Not a big deal really, just a question of quality assurance. I would highly recommend regardless.

  78. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Cool products
    My friends at work like the bottle opener. It looks as advertised.

  79. James w (verified owner)

    Love it!
    Love it! Absolutely worth the money!

  80. RYAN M MCGRATH (verified owner)

    Great product! Looks beautiful! Totally compliments the man cave.

  81. George Nelson (verified owner)

    Everyone who sees it asks where to get it. Also, snowflakes tend to cry when they see it. If all else fails you could beat them with the Freedom Drag and make them cry

  82. Anonymous (verified owner)

    it was a huge hit
    So I ordered this right before my little brothers 21st birthday and received the freedom frag a few days before it. I brought this out and everyone freaked out! “Is that thing real?!?” “where the H*** did you get that?”. Then seeing everyones face when I tossed it over to my Brother. Absolutely PRICELESS! Anyhow like I said everyone thought it was awesome and wanted to know where I got it. It is a great piece for any collection or gift. The only thing I found that I could complain about is probably add that second safety so you can get the actual sweep, pull, pose when you’ve had a little too much to drink and making a fool of yourself.

  83. (verified owner)

    Coolest bottle opener around
    Who doesn’t like frags and beer? How bout frags that open beer? Commies that’s who!! Keep a commie away order yours today!

  84. Christopher Merrow (verified owner)

    Badass bottle opener
    This is an awesome addition to my man cave. It one of the first things people pick up and ask about. Worth every penny and works effortlessly

  85. David Fortier (verified owner)

    Not one complaint
    Just down right awesome product! Arrived in time, everything ran smooth!

  86. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Awesome product. Sturdy build. Works great.

  87. Jesse Kaufman (verified owner)

    Manly Freedom Frag
    I actually thought it was a bottle or coffee mug when first ordering but it’s still awesome as a bottle opener. Is there any way you could make the same thing as a coffee mug? That would be awesome.

  88. Edward (verified owner)

    Epic idea!
    You can’t even measure the level of AWESOMENESS that the Frag Breacher offers!!! All my friends think it’s the best thing ever!

  89. Daniel A Graham (verified owner)

    Awesome conversation starter.
    I love it. You guys need to make one that is a electric wine opener same design. Would be awesome!

  90. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great customer service
    These guys are great the frag came faster than I expected had a small issue but they took care of it. I love my frag this I 4th bottle breach item I own and by far my favorite

  91. Adam McMillen (verified owner)

    Kick ass
    Got it for my dad. Looks pretty legit with great quality materials. I wanna pull the pin so bad!

  92. Tom (verified owner)

    I bought this product for two reasons. First, as a former soldier it appealed to me. Second, because my bottle openers always go missing. This one is too big to lose and a great conversation piece so leave it out on the counter. I also used it to teach my 13 year old the proper way to hold the grenade, pull the pin, and throw it. So now we have that great father daughter memory that’ll last forever.

  93. Leonardo Ortiz (verified owner)

    Worth it expense but worth it
    Love it especially that it can be shipped any place like Mexico so I don’t have to take it with me or pay double shipping. Excellent customer service I would recommend it to anyone and definitely buy more stuff from you guys

  94. ken layton (verified owner)

    Awesome bottle opener very realistic great feel looks amazing. Minor delay in shipping I contacted their customer service which was awesome and got it shipped out to me that day highly recommend their products. You will not be disappointed.

  95. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Eye Catcher
    Everybody that looks at it lives it and ask about it. When they pick it up the can’t believe it’s real and not plastic! I would recommend it to everybody that loves specialty items.

  96. todd radenz (verified owner)

    Love them
    I have 4 of them now there great, you can tell that you put the time in to do it right the 1st time . Thanks

  97. Jason Ballard (verified owner)

    Coolest conversation starter in my bourbon bar (private)
    For the vet who has everything this is worth while.

  98. Matt (verified owner)

    Bought the Freedom Frag and absolutely love it, best bottle opener ever.

  99. DAVID W SHAFFER (verified owner)

    Awesome Bottle Opener
    The feel of the bottle opener feels great and everyone keeps wanting to use it to open up more bottles. Highly recommend all my military buddies to get one.

  100. Karl (verified owner)

    Love this product! I was a little disappointed that it didn’t come in the wooden box like it was displayed. The Freedom Frag works great though and adds an eye catching bottle breaching experience for onlookers.

  101. Kevin (verified owner)

    Cool as Shit
    Great to see friends face smile

  102. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Love it!
    Got a pair of Freedom Frags as a gift for my daughters god mother and his father. Love them!

  103. Dave (verified owner)

    Beat product for a Vet, ever!
    What can I say? It’s a freakin grenade and it opens my beer bottles! Engraving is spot on, paint is perfect. Much respect to Bottleabreacher! Every Vet needs one!

  104. Anonymous (verified owner)

    BA bottle opener
    Like the title says

  105. Angie (verified owner)

    Love it…
    Love it… Finally a really cool father’s day/man gift!!

  106. Cassie (verified owner)

    Brought a Tear to His Eye
    I had this Freedom Frag personalized with a meaningful lyric for my husband’s first Fathers Day. It was very well made and came quickly. Husband is still showing it off and of course, using it properly lol. Matches the rest of his tactical gear as well. Outstanding.

  107. Tom (verified owner)

    Love it
    Good product

  108. Jaylee (verified owner)

    Father’s Day gift
    I got this for my husband from my son for father’s day. He loves it. It was engraved perfectly and it was so well made. It was a heavy product and it was well crafted. Made in the USA and that’s important to me. I also worried that it wouldn’t get here in time because I ordered it way too late and didn’t pay for extra shipping but it got here 2 days before! I will use this website again!

  109. Cody (verified owner)

    Love these!
    I recently ordered a few of these for wedding gifts and I love them, they are exactly what I expected and I highly recommend them!

  110. (verified owner)

    Badass bottle opener.
    Only one way to open your fav beverage. Is with a Granade. However, with this opener you will not need to repair dry wall. Product is produced with great craftsmanship. Fast ship. I didn’t get engraving however I do regret it. My wife laughed said I didn’t need it but understood sometime you can take the soldier out of the battlefield. But you can’t take the soldier out of the man. She also said you are such a little boy. Had the biggest smile on my face.

  111. Shamus (verified owner)

    Authentic and Durable
    Great Product. Authentic, Durable, simple to toss around and open up some drinks. A Great gift and fun at a party.

  112. Gregory E Knoblauch (verified owner)

    Freedom Frag
    Much better than expected

  113. Francisco (verified owner)

    Love it!
    Great products/company. Will be ordering more shortly.

  114. Mary Hansen (verified owner)

    I ordered the Freedom Frag for one of my grandsons and had it engraved. I absolutely love it and I know that Jonah is going to love it also. My next purchase will be the Camo Cooler for him as a present for his birthday. Thanks for such a great co
    I received the Freedom Frag about a week ago and absolutely fell in love with it. I’m so looking forward to seeing my grandson’s reaction when he opens it. I JUST KNOW he’s going to love it. We try very hard to support our veterans and veteran-owned business as much as possible. Thanks again for making these very unique gifts!

  115. Patrick Ellis (verified owner)

    Cool product
    I love these things. What a great conversation piece. They make great gifts.

  116. Brad eliot (verified owner)

    Freedom frag
    Great item

  117. Tom (verified owner)

    Great talking point.
    Gave it as a gift. Daughter loved it. Says she can’t wait to toss it to a friend at a party. Well made. Looks great.

  118. Nina (verified owner)

    So Cool!
    Husband loves it! Not only is it one of our best bottle openers, it is also seriously.. well just cool!

  119. jerry Martin (verified owner)

    Freedom Frag
    As an RVN vet, this is great.

  120. Jake Goehring (verified owner)

    Freedom Frag
    Just got my freedom frag in the mail today. I’m really happy with the quality of the product and I can’t wait to crack open a couple beers with it. However, I’ve already cut my finger on the sharp metal piece that holds the grenade ring in place. I’m going to have to manipulate the metal or sand the sharp edges down because there’s no way I could toss this product to a buddy without them cutting themselves.

  121. Jeff persing (verified owner)

    Freedom frag
    Great conversation piece. Well made. Sits on the bar in our house and always gets comments.

  122. Juan Herrejon (verified owner)

    Freedom Frag
    I love it, I was to make it customer for my wedding, work great.

  123. John (verified owner)

    St. Patrick’s Freedom Frag
    It is a killer conversation starter and a very functional opener. I also believe in supporting our vets. I have since ordered a commemorative Vietnam Bottle Breacher since I was civilian contractor in Vietnam and also ordered a Fire Fighter Breacher as a gift for my son in law fire fighter. Keep up the great work.

  124. Clint (verified owner)

    Worth the money
    These are just down right fun. I ordered one for my dad for fathers day and he just giggles every time he looks at it. He has tried numerous times to use the bottle opener on the bottom, but has had no success. The “frag” just slips right off the bottle and never catches the bottle cap. He’s ok with this as he is more keen to the engraving I had carved in it: “U.S.A.F. – No Regrets” So he uses as decoration in his office. This attracts endless attention from passerbiers wanting hands on experience of holding a frag. The weight is reasonable and it’s just an overall collection item. Job well done.

  125. Lois Barsanti (verified owner)

    Freedom frag was outstanding
    Gift for my grandson who is in the service and he said it was really cool.

  126. Leo Tovar (verified owner)

    Hands down, awesome
    I’ll be perfectly honest, I thought it would be just a conversation starting type of bottle opener. I must say, hands down the best bottle opener I’ve ever owned! Awesome. No effort to open a bottle. Place on top and it’s open.

  127. Murphy Lynn (verified owner)

    Holy Handgrenade
    Such a cool gift! I’ve given these to a number of friends, & they love ‘em

  128. Andrew B Stevenson (verified owner)

    Freedom Frag
    This was definately worth the buy. Looks awsome on my counter, quality made, and works well. Already recommended to several friends. Shipping was super fast, customer service was great.

  129. Jesse (verified owner)

    Frag Out and Drink Up!
    Awesome Custom going away gift! Recommend 5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  130. Jonathan Daniel Lawrence (verified owner)

    Freedom Frag
    Great items wish there was a way to make the opened a little thinner to grab better under the beer bottle top.

  131. Edward Thomas (verified owner)

    Freedom Frag
    These make the most awesome retirement gifts, especially for military or those that work around the military. The perfect conversation piece too! I will continue to hand these out to friends and family.

  132. CindyLuWho (verified owner)

    I purchased these for my granddaughters going to Boot Camp party. They are my balloon holders. I’m sure they’ll be just a wonderful touch and I’m giving them to family members.

  133. Marshall (verified owner)

    Awesome product
    I order 4 custom bottle breathers for a groomsman/best man gifts and received them pretty quick. I also ordered one of the boxes as well which is worth the money. Overall this product is pretty solid. I have 0 complaints. I strongly recommend it and is worth the money.

  134. Stephen Neighbours (verified owner)

    Freedom Frag
    Gift for a speaker. He loved it!!!

  135. Jackie Stapleton (verified owner)

    Bottle Breacher
    The owner was sitting in front of my friend at The Army/Navy game. I wish I had known. I would have come up from the field to say hi. Hahaha!

  136. Lori Acker (verified owner)

    Freedom Frag – great holiday gift!
    Every product we have ordered has been well received by the recipients and we will continue to order from your site!

  137. Alex Salvatore (verified owner)

    It is an amazing quality product and is heavy duty

  138. Jason Kaufman (verified owner)

    Freedom Frag Bottle Breacher
    Awesome. Fun to use. Works like a champ. Thank you for doing what you do.

  139. B. Pacheco (verified owner)

    It’s a grenade that opens bottles. Good quality and custom orders turn out great. What more could you ask for? Badass gift idea!

  140. Jared (verified owner)

    Amazing quality and product. Looked fantastic and was loved by everyone.

  141. Cheyanna (verified owner)

    Amazing product. Perfect gift
    *Highly Suggest*!!

  142. Larry (verified owner)

    Freedom Frag
    Previously wrote a review with only two stars because I thought the personalized message I had asked for hadn’t been applied. Turned out that my buddy liked the Bottle Breacher logo so much he never even looked at the other side of the Freedom Frag. He really likes his gift and I would buy again.

  143. James (verified owner)

    Frag out
    The freedom frag is freakin awesome. I got it for a buddy when he bought his new house. I am in the process of buying a house now, and when it’s all said and done, I plan on getting one to add to my collection and display in the new digs. Awesome job and awesome product!

  144. Brad Sheldon (verified owner)

    Freedom frag
    Gets lost in the dark- use night vision. Best opener ever

  145. Janet (verified owner)

    Freedom Flag
    Great product my Son in Law loved his birthday present

  146. Jeff (verified owner)

    Freedom Frag
    Solid design and easy to hold. Looks great on the bar and opens the bottle quickly.

  147. David Moore (verified owner)

    I love my “Freeom Frag” & is a great addition to my bar. It reminds me very much of the M33 grenade that I used to carry in Vietnam. I use the “Freedom Frag” to open beer bottles when my friends come to visit. It is a great conversation piece.
    Great product & conversation piece. Does a great job of opening beer bottles.

  148. Joaquin M. Garcia (verified owner)

    Bottle Breacher (Freedom Frag)
    The quality and craftsmanship of my Freedom Frag was impeccable. The turn around time was very quick. I’m extremely impressed with the engravings and detail. It’s a great conversation starter and will be used as often as possible to scare any potential boyfriends my daughters may have or bring over.

  149. Mary Hansen (verified owner)

    I purchase the tan breacher as a gift for my daughter’s friend’s birthday. I know that he’s going to love it cuz it’s a unique gift. We plan on ordering again closer to the holidays. We love your merchandise!
    Very unique gift for a former Marine. This is the second breacher we’ve ordered and the recipient is sure to love it. You all make a wonderful product and we’re very happy on this end to support your veteran-owned business. It’s just another way of paying it forward to people who have served my family and our country. Thanks again for a unique, quality product!

  150. David (verified owner)

    Freedom frag
    Great look to it, works perfect. True man stuff!

  151. Paul Duncan (verified owner)

    Bottle Opener
    Great product and made exactly as described thank you very much

  152. Jeffery Hayden (verified owner)

    This Frag has a special meaning to me and that is FREEDOM, these Frags are the real deal craftsmanship is incredible. Most of all Veteran Owned Business Thank you

  153. Aaron (verified owner)

    Top quality – amazing product
    I bought the freedom frag for no real reason other than I thought they looked super cool and wanted to support the company. It came very quickly and is of fantastic quality. Very sturdy, has some weight to it and seems very durable. So far it hasn’t failed to open a bottle yet! I’d highly recommend supporting this company via purchasing their products either for yourself or as a gift. These would make outstanding gifts for any occasion!

  154. John Miller (verified owner)

    Freedom frag
    Great product. Very real and authentic looking. Had it personalized for the time I served.

  155. John Albright (verified owner)

    Go to gift!
    I have enjoyed using my frag so much, I give them as gifts every chance I get!!! Solid product from a great company!!

  156. Curt Thorell (verified owner)

    Freedom frag
    Bought this for a Christmas gift for my son in law. Very well made- can’t wait to see his face. Great job!

  157. David Leydet (verified owner)

    Great Gift
    I got multiple versions this year for gifts and everyone loves them

  158. Erica (verified owner)

    Quality & cool product
    My husband knows these real products and was super impressed by the quality and “cool factor”. Perfect gift options. Thanks for making it special!

  159. Salvador (verified owner)

    Great gifts
    I give these to all my coworkers who are retiring or go out of their way to help me and every single time the reaction is outstanding! It makes everyone else jealous also!

  160. Justin T McCurry (verified owner)

    Freedom Frag
    It’s a dummy grenade that opens beers. What’s not to love?

  161. Andrew Yazzie (verified owner)

    Great attention grabber/convo starter
    Legit will be buying more items

  162. Nick (verified owner)

    Listen, bottle openers are necessary, but bottle openers made from a grenade that you can throw to your buddies on the lake are life changing. Get one now.

  163. Michael Brian Horton (verified owner)

    I love the heavy feel of this product. What a great piece to have on your bar or just sitting in your office. I buy these are closing gifts for my real estate clients. I would buy another.

  164. Perfect (verified owner)

    Arrived early and looks amazing. Also works very well

  165. Alec Moeller (verified owner)

    Amazing Gift
    Everything was engraved correctly and looked amazing, also got to us quickly.

  166. Paul Cruz (verified owner)

    Freedom Frag
    Absolutely Awsome. My Step Son was blown away by it. Couldn’t believe it

  167. Great gift! (verified owner)

    Grenade Opener – Who would have though?!
    This is a really great gift! Looks great! So different! Great conversation starter bottle opener. It’s solidly made and heavy. Purchased the black with red flag and love it!

  168. Donald Pfohl (verified owner)

    Great Product
    Shipping was fast, and engraving was well done.

  169. Mikah (verified owner)

    The Best Bottle Opener!
    A top quality bottle opener that will reside in my man cave until I head to Valhalla!

  170. Jeff Morris (verified owner)

    There amazing

  171. Julie Fahringer (verified owner)

    Awesome Gift!
    I got one of these bottle openers for my husband for an add on Christmas gift and he loved. It is a conversation piece and heavy quality material.

  172. Jack Nelson (verified owner)

    This is a great gift!
    I got these for some friends of mine for the holidays and they are great accessories! Everyone stares in amazement, trying to figure out what they are, until it’s time to use one. I would highly recommend a Freedom Frag if you don’t have one!

  173. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Freedom fRAG
    Product was a gift. Already in use as a beverage opener. Looks amazing

  174. Alemaster (verified owner)

    Bottle Breacher
    Looks cool, opens Mexican beer easily while intimidating the golfers in my back yard. Always like supporting a fellow vet’s company too.

  175. Eric Brown (verified owner)

    Bottle Breacher – Flag
    Best damn bottle opener, next to my knife

  176. J. Leake (verified owner)

    Freedom Frag
    Excellent paint work and design. Great bottle opener! Very pleased overall.

  177. Jered Lerum (verified owner)

    Freedom Frag
    Love it, awesome quality and a great conversation piece. Bought two!

  178. Jeff Dwyer (verified owner)

    I own several Freedom Frag (FF) from Bottle Breacher. As a Christmas gift for my employees, I bought the Military Line of FF. I included the custom engraving and the Wooden Gift Boxes.

    The Customer Service is great if ever needed, and the quality of the product purchased has never disappointed.

    I like to support Veteran owned businesses and I have supported Bottle Breacher for several years.

    These are great for Christmas gifts, Wedding gifts. Birthday gifts etc.

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