Second SEAL owned company calls out Starbucks, pledges profits to families of fallen officers: “I stand beside my brother.”

It’s no secret that Bottle Breacher supports law enforcement officers, but after recent news regarding a Starbucks employee asking police officers to leave their premises because their presence made other patrons feel uncomfortable, we’re putting our money where our mouth is. Law Enforcement Today covered the story to share that Bottle Breacher stands with Battle Grounds Coffee in supporting those who protect us every day. 

Coffee shops and police officers go together like America and freedom. So why is it that Starbucks had to ruin this match made in heaven? On July 4th (you know, America’s birthday), police officers walked into a Starbucks in Tempe, AZ before their long shift ahead to grab a cup of coffee. They were enjoying their drinks when a Starbucks barista approached the officers and asked them to either move out of a certain customer’s line of sight or leave as their presence was making this customer uncomfortable. To make matters worse, the corporation merely made a generic apology to these heroes and did nothing more to educate their employees on how to handle these situations.

Hearing this disturbing story, Battle Ground Coffee‘s Sal and Dana DeFranco took immediate action. Sal, a former Navy SEAL, and Dana were enraged and pledged 50% of their July online profits to Concerns of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S.) in support of law enforcement. Sal stated “men and women today… run into the fight to protect those who can’t protect themselves. And you’re going to be triggered by the sight of a protector? Give me a break. Get over yourself.”

Battle Grounds Coffee

Eli Crane, Bottle Breacher CEO, stands with his former teammate and has pledged all proceeds from the purchase of law enforcement products to C.O.P.S. as well. Jen Crane, Bottle Breacher co-owner, stated that “we believe in setting the example that we owe a debt of gratitude to those who keep us safe. We will always stand behind the those who hold the Thin Blue Line…” So today, instead of worrying that you’ll get a speeding ticket, be grateful that there are men and women who willingly put their lives on the line daily to defend our safety at home. If you see them at a coffee shop, maybe even pick up their tab. 

Bottle Breacher Police

Check out Law Enforcement Today’s article for more on Sal DeFranco calling out Starbucks for their hypocrisy and Eli’s comments on brotherhood. 

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